Weekend Of Harvest Fun With My Friends

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Weekend Of Harvest Fun With My Friends

“Life is filled with so many exciting twists and turns. Hop off the straight and narrow whenever you can and take the winding paths. Experience the exhilaration of the view from the edge. Because the moments spent there, that take your breath away, are what make you feel truly alive.”

~ Stacey Charter

Fun, Exciting, Fulfilling and Unforgettable

These are the words that best sum up the story of this weekend. After spending fantastic time with my friends and their family, all the work we did and the lack of sleep we underwent, I got home tired, but full of great memories, enriched with new friends and fascinated by precious moments spent with wonderful people who joined forces in the vine and corn field this year.

A very good friend of mine named Patricija invited me to her yearly harvesting of grapes and corn, the overall gathering of friends and family where you’re guaranteed to have lots and lots of fun while (re)connecting with the nature, experiencing the village life, symbiosis in the fields and endless drops of homemade wine – the mandatory and indispensable companion of events like this.

Prlekija, Here We Come!

It was time for another weekend playtime, so on Friday evening I packed my car with another two good friends of mine, my over excited dog Lucky (lol, she is always so excited to go anywhere), a handy backpack full of clothes and a huge, bouncy bag of happiness & good mood, and off we drove into the night, towards one of my favorite places in the World – Prlekija, a beautiful and fertile North-East part of Slovenia, bursting with the kindness of local people and picturesque landscapes to ease your eyes.

We arrived late and were warmly welcomed into their lovely home, grabbed some dinner (oh yes, the weekend of ceaseless eating and drinking that this place is known for already started ;)) and hopped straight to bed to get some rest. Well, not according to the preying mosquitos at 10°C (50°F)!? that kept us awake long into night.

I don’t know whether it was the change of the environment or the enthusiasm within (even Lucky was behaving koo-koo & restless all weekend, moved by all new smells, animal encounters and unusual attention from several people around her), that took away most of my sleep, but it didn’t stop me from getting the most of the following day.

Mandatory Morning Disinfection ;)

Of course, my smartphone decided I needed to sleep in and forgot to fire up the alarm. And there I was, late for the breakfast, again. :/ People started to arrive and the day wouldn’t begin properly if there wasn’t a wide array of strong drinks already waiting for us on the kitchen table. For disinfection, they said. :)

Let The fun Begin

While our stomachs were still churning in delight, the grape harvest officially started. I put on my borrowed (Thank you, Polona!), gorgeously stylish gloves, picked up a pair of conveniently rusty scissors and dug myself fully into the ripe grapes, accompanying conversations and joyful atmosphere that radiated around us. First round was over in a jiffy! The second one, too. :)

Then came the corn field. After a short break, enjoying the wonderful smells from the kitchen, some yummy refreshments, and experiencing the process of grapes turning into juice (grape pressing) we joined our forces again. Boy, was I frisky by then. It was my first time harvesting the corn with my own bare, yet stylishly gloved, hands. I must have been a farmer in my past life enjoying it so much. I wished the field was much bigger or the crop way richer as the harvesting approached its end. Even being covered in corn dust stinging me all over the body didn’t bother my face and heart from glowing immensely throughout.

Lunch, Anniversary, Birthday, Cake, Accordion, Polka, “Uno”, Dreams

I didn’t notice when morning turned into late afternoon, but the call for the 5 pm lunch checked me back into reality. A group of exceptional women prepared delightful meal for us. It was quite a bite for around 30 hungry souls and they did an amazing job.

And we eate, drank, enjoyed ourselves fully and even spiced up the evening with celebrating two anniversaries, one of them being a highly respectful 33 year wedding anniversary of Patricia’s parents, and our friends turning a year older, which had to be sealed with a toast and a homemade cake chaperonned by sounds of diatonic accordion and dancing traditional polka. We had so much fun.

The most persistent ones of us ended the evening with contagious laughs while playing “Uno” card game. We had quite a party there and it wasn’t until I started seeing double and asking too many “Whose turn is it?” type of questions that finally got me into bed. Pleasantly exhausted I sank into a dream.

A Bucket List Must-do

Sunday morning and farewell came too soon. But I was leaving happy and fulfilled. This was absolutely a playtime more than worth remembering and the experience I wish for anyone who breaths with nature and all it’s glory!

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