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Internet Marketing – Beware of Information Overload!

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Internet Marketing - Beware of Information Overload! Internet Marketing - Beware of Information Overload!

Visit any Internet marketing forum on the Internet, and inevitably you’ll find dozens of newbie Internet marketers worried and intimidated that they’re being inundated with endless offers and promises of fast cash.

Information overload is creating a huge pitfall for Internet marketers who don’t yet know how to make it a profitable venture. They discover quickly that there are many roads to riches, but they don’t know which one to choose.

Why Aren’t You Selling More

Posted on by HBHO

We all want to excel at sales. We all sell something, and if we don’t sell a product or service, we sell our ability to solve a problem. Most people don’t excel at sales, not because they lack a natural gift, but because they lack the know-how and skills. There are basic rules for writing successful sales letters. If your sales copy isn’t converting visitors into buyers, it’s time to work on the fundamentals. Here’s a checklist of problems to watch out for in your sales letters:
  • Your sales letter lacks focus: Instead of sales copy, you’ve written Swiss cheese. It never gets to the point. Nobody reads it. I don’t know who is telling Internet marketers that this is the way to write effective sales copy. Go shopping on the Internet. Look at it from the customer’s point of view. Does this kind of sales copy turn you on or off? I thought so.
  • You don’t have a sales page: Your strategy as an Internet marketer is to drive traffic to your sales page—this is the whole purpose of your online presence. Without a sales page, you have nothing to link to and no home for your product.
  • You forgot to write about the emotional benefits: This is the real reason people buy things. Connect to your customer—put yourself in the customer’s shoes. The best product or service in the world will fail to engage readers if they don’t immediately see how it can solve a problem in their life.
  • Your copy is too long: Cut, cut, and keep cutting until your copy is trimmed down to a few points that tell customers how their life will be better, easier, or more satisfying after buying your product or service.
  • Your sales letter is full of noise: Your sales page is not the place to put links to other sites—or to your own website. Zero distractions. Stay on target by focusing on value for customers. Talk less about features and more about results. A sales letter that makes readers scroll down the page before getting to the point causes the majority of visitors to abandon the site without buying.


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