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We are constantly adding and improving our services. Please, select from any of the options below to get more details on the services we offer at the moment.


1. I’m A Newbie. Help Me Get Started From Scratch!

There’s not much you need to start your online business. A domain, hosting, some tool for keyword research and a list building tool. To make it easier for you, we have created a step-by-step system that will take you by the hand and guide you through the process of setting up your first online business.
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2. Help Me With Setting Up A Website/Blog

If the thought of digging into tech stuff gives you chills and makes you want to run away, we can easily take care of it for you while you save your time and energy to focus on your skills. DNS, FTP, WordPress installing, adjusting themes, adding plugins, etc. may be somewhat frustrating for you, but it’s pretty enjoyable for us.
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Important: If you don’t have a hosting account for your website yet, make sure you check out our free WordPress installation service.


3. Help Me With Graphic Design

We are preparing some interesting design packages for you, so stay tuned!


4. Help Me With MY WordPress Website/Blog Maintenance

We are also preparing some interesting website maintenance packages for you, so stay tuned!




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We're constantly looking for like minded people with some expertise in the field, a special touch and an open heart. If you'd like to contribute and help make a difference in online business world don't hesitate and let us know.



Home Business Honest Opinion was started in 2007 by a home business owner, Janja Bacac, with a simple but big vision. She wanted to help people break down the barriers to good online business practices and running online home businesses successfully by learning all there is to internet marketing and making money online safely and effectively while still making time for play, personal growth and living a well balanced life. Read more

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