Our Ethics & Commitment To You

As in every other industry, there has been a lot of immoral and deceiving players in the field of Internet Marketing who’s questionable actions and promotions leave a bad taste in the mouth of every person who found themselves crossing their only profit-oriented marketing paths. That’s not who we are!

Even though our primary focus is to run a successful & profitable business (We need to pay our bills, too. ;) Besides, that is what enables us to run our site and serve you), we do it ethically, honestly and openly. We always disclose information about the products or services we are selling or recommending, the sources we are reffering to, and we especially avoid hype, false promises and lame scare tactics that promote fear or false sense of urgency.

Having said that, we have laid out the rules we follow in our business practice, and described the ways we make money from this site.

How we make money from this site:

  • Affiliate Sales – Some of the links on our site link to the products and services that pay a referral fee for helping them bring in new clients. If you buy something from an affiliate link on our website, or based on our recommendation, either expressed or implied, we may get paid an affiliate commission. You don’t pay anything extra when buying from these links – the price is the same or even better as we go directly to the source to make special deals for you. Please note that we will NEVER recommend any products or services that we are not currently using or have tried ourselves and found beneficial.
  • Advertisements – We use Google Adsense for advertising revenue. Unfortunatelly we can’t control the content of the ads displayed in Adsense units, but they are all marked as Our sponsors for your own convenience. we also offer advertising spots to companies whose product’s we have used or at least tested out ourselves, to companies we trust, or advertise stuff we think is cool or would be useful for you.
  • Direct Sales – We offer our own products and services that can include informational products, graphic design and technical services, and physical items. we always strive to deliver the best value for you.
  • Partnerships and Joint Ventures (JV’s) – We are constantly looking for ways to expand our business. Therefore, we participate in different business opportunities and joint ventures with our readers and other ethical marketers.

Our Promise To You:

  • We will never promote or recommend a product or service that we haven’t used or tried out ourselves and found it beneficial.
  • It is important to us to assist you in the best way possible and to provide you with valuable information about products and services we write about on our site. Therefore, we will share only honest feedback for you to easily find the most appropriate and adequate products or services for your needs.
  • We will never resort to false testimonials or hype.
  • We will never give bogus revenue claims or false guarantees on any of our products or services.
  • We will never use false scarsity tactics. If something is offered on a limited basis it is because it really is limited.

We are commited to serving you in your best interest and follow the rules listed above. Hopefully, this will help you understand who we are as persons, what our values are, how we conduct our business and what’s your role in it. It is important to us that you feel safe and confident when engaging with us.

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Our Ethics and Commitment to You Statement