Is Your Blog Due for an Update? How to Choose a New Blog Theme

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How to Choose a New Blog Theme

While rebranding your blog isn’t usually a good idea, giving your blog a fresh look and feel can add life and vitality to your blog – not to mention increased sales. Yet choosing a new blog theme can feel even more overwhelming the second time around. The following tips will help you make the right decision for you and your business.

1. Layout – Do you want to change your existing layout or keep it the same? While this may seem like an unusual place to start, consider how you want your new blog to function. If you want to keep the same basic layout then finding a new theme just got a bit easier. If you want to undergo a complete change then you have a few more decisions to make.

2. Budget – What is your budget? If you have a good budget you may be able to hire a designer to create or modify an existing theme, including yoru own existing theme. You can also purchase premium themes which may have all the bells and whistles you’re looking for.

There are plenty of quality free WordPress themes to choose from at, but if you are more into the premium ones, here’s a scoop of the providers we trust & like the most:

3. Features and Functionality – Grab a piece of paper and make two lists. Make a list of the functions you need your blog to have. Then make a second list of the functions you want your blog to have. As you’re comparing themes, reference your list to find the one that checks the most boxes.

4. Research – Spend some time reviewing blogs. Look at the design, the navigation, and the functionality. What do you like about certain blogs? What don’t you like? In many cases the blog theme is listed on the website and if it isn’t listed, consider contacting the owner of the blog to ask them what the theme is and/or who designed their blog.

5. Support – If you’re purchasing a theme make sure to check into the reputation and support the blog theme provider offers. Read reviews and explore other blogs that use this provider. You want your blog theme to be well supported and to function optimally for as long as you own it.

If you’re hiring a designer to customize your blog theme it also makes good sense to get recommendations and to review some of their work before hiring them. As you’re updating your blog and choosing a new theme consider uploading them on a separate web address and testing various looks before you make it public. This will give you the time and space you need to make your new blog perfect.

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