I Am Totally Hooked

Posted on by Janja Baćac

I Am Totally Hooked

About 4 km ride up the steep hill, with more than 600 m of elevation gain and lots of sweat lost, this is the view that awaits the most persistent ones at 740 m of altitude. :)

Cycling is another one of my long lost hobbies that made its way back into my life very recently. Thanks to my dear friend Tina, who invited me for an all day cycling trip this summer and showed me the joy of riding up the hills, I am now totally hooked.

I always enjoyed cycling but for the last few years I kinda barely ever found the time for it. My bike was extremely good in collecting the dust and I was extremely good in avoiding dusting it off. So, to the amusement of all the spiders who foud their home between the spokes, the years passed by rapidly. Until now …

Having rediscovered this passion of mine and deepening it into the up-hill riding, I am now an almost daily guest at this beautiful view point on Saint Katarina just about 30 km ride from my home. The views up here are breathtaking and the best award possible for all the gasping up this hill. A fit body is just a well appreciated sidekick. ;)


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Janja Baćac

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