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We’re big advocates of free and giving.

In fact, there’s a ton of free information on this website, in the emails we send out and in our free guide “8 Crucial Steps for Running Successful Social Media Promotions”. We do it because we honestly love helping people and we want to be in the Universe’s good graces, too. ;)

Nevertheless, there are some things, situations, questions and challenges that need a deeper, individual approach. Even though we’d happily help everyone personally, there’s no way that approach like this can sustain our business. If we want to stay strong and serve as many people as possible by keeping this business and website alive, then we need to draw the line somewhere.

Currently we offer 3 consulting packages:

  • Email Support
  • 2 Hours of consulting and
  • 6 Hours of consulting

What Exactly Can You Expect From Our Services?


We answer numerous emails on a daily basis, all for free. We love engaging with people and we appreciate any interaction. As much as we like responding to all of your emails, there are just some lengthy ones that require more attention and take up a lot of our time. We love those, too. But we also want to give them all the attention they deserve.

If you need a more thorough response from us, then this service is for you. In those 30 minutes reserved especially for you we’ll dig into your email and answer your questions in detail, one by one.

2 Hours of Consulting

Do you have a particular website you need us to look at or is there a challenge you always get stuck with? Do you need some technical issues solved or just need to figure out the next step? Maybe you’re a complete newbie, overwhelmed with all the information and just need some 1-on-1 help to get you started? We do have an irresistible offer for free WordPress installation, but if you’d like us to take you further, than this option is best for you.

In this case, we’ll need some more information from you about your biggest hurdles. On that basis we’ll do a 1 hour research beforehand and prepare for the Skype call with you. You can use your 2 consulting hours in one Skype call, or divide it into two parts, as you see fit. To make sure we can help you out with your issues before ordering this package, please se our areas of expertise below. If you’re still not sure, just drop us a short email here.

6 Hours of Consulting

If you need even deeper approach from us, or a more difficult issue that requires more involvement, this package will fit you best. Perhaps you need:

  • Complete website set up
  • Advanced graphic design services
  • Walk-through the entire process of setting up your online business
  • Coaching or assistance with creating your sales funnels
  • Something totally unique to your needs
  • Anything else that would need more of our time or skill

You will need to explain exactly what is it that you’re looking for so we can do our research on your matter and get prepared for the calls. You’ll get a total of 6 hours on the Skype from us over the period of one week and we’ll share with you all the dirty tricks you want to know.


(2 Hours)
(Best Value)
(6 Hours)
$500 only$60 only$1,200 only
1 hour of research and 2 hours on Skype.A 30 minute detailed response from us.Have us walk you through every step of your process over a 1 week period.


Our Areas Of Expertise

  • Hosting, website setup, WordPress setup and theme design modification, plugin installation, other technical issues
  • Marketing and brand promotion
  • Sales funnel and monetization strategies
  • Graphic design

We look forward to working with you!


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We're constantly looking for like minded people with some expertise in the field, a special touch and an open heart. If you'd like to contribute and help make a difference in online business world don't hesitate and let us know.



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