HBHO Online Home Business QuickStart System

HBHO Online Homebusiness QuickStart System

Welcome to HBHO QuickStart System for setting up your online business.

If you’re new to online business, you’ve come to the right place. We built this page especially for you so you can easily get the best and most important information for setting up your own online business.

This is a shortcut, a basic version to get you online as quickly as possible. If you prefer the more detailed step-by-step training, with different online business models and lots of training materials, templates and action guides, you are welcome to join us in our 4-week training program “Get Up & running Online in 30 Days or Less” (not available at the moment due to revision and update).

We recommend that you bookmark this page as it may take you some time to get through it all.

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Important: The links on this page are affiliate links that could earn us commissions. This is how we are able to run this website and give you lots of valuable information for free. If you do choose to purchase from our links, we thank you dearly for your support. Please note that we will NEVER recommend any products or services that we are not currently using or have tried ourselves and found beneficial. You don’t pay anything extra when buying from our links – the price is the same or even better as we go directly to the source to make special deals for you. This is our promise to you. Your trust is more important to us than any commissions we make from sales. You can read more about this in Our Ethics and Commitment to You Statement.

There's No Push Buttons Solutions!

Even though you probably heard of push-button promises before, maybe even tried out some of them and failed, we want to make this clear once and for all. Anyone claiming they do exist is telling you a lie. Online business is a serious business and you need to treat it like one if you really want to succeed.

Always keep in mind:

  1. Running an online business is NOT easy and it takes a lot of hard work. You need to set everything up, invest your time and/or money into marketing it and constantly improve it to meet the market’s needs. We’ll do our best to guide you through the process and give you the information you need to do it successfully. But it’s you who needs to TAKE THE ACTION, we can’t do it for you.

  2. Online business success DOESN’T happen overnight. Sometimes it can take months or even years to get to the point where you can support your family with it and live an abundant life. On the plus side, it will produce an income you can live off of for many years, not trading your time for money and not worrying about the late years.

  3. You don’t need to do it all yourself. There are several automation tools out there that will help free up your time. And when your online business grows over time, you can build your team or hire outsourcers to do the work for you. There’s nothing more precious than having unlimited time to spend with your family and loved ones, to do the things you love, and have the privilege to set your own business hours, make your own business decisions and live a great life out of it. That’s the beauty of real PASSIVE INCOME.

Now, that we got that clear, let’s get our fingers dirty. Ready, steady, go …

The Online Business Model

Below is a rough explanation of the core structure of profitable online business.

In brief, you find a problem, offer a solution for that problem, build a list of buyers and sell them more solutions. You do that through your website and with help of automation tools. Here’s an image of a perfect online business model in its basics:

Online Business Model


Action Steps You Need to Take To Set Up Your Own Money-Making Online Business

Here are the 3 fundamental action steps you usually need to take to set up your own money-making online business:

  • Step 1: Choose a topic and Set up your website.
  • Step 2: Create quality content for your audience.
  • Step 3: Drive traffic to your website.

BUTWe made a twist for you and added one more step in the beginning of the list. Here’s why:

You need to be committed and take your online business seriously in order to be successful with it. And what makes you more committed than investing money in it, right? So go get your hosting and list building accounts first as instructed below.


A. You Need A Website

Your website is the foundation of your online business. Before you can get things rolling you need to set one up.

In order to do this, you first need a domain (we will get to this in Step 2) and a hosting account where your website will be hosted.

You could start with some of the free website hosting options such as free WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc., but we highly recommend that you choose the paid hosting instead. Free hosting services come with several limitations (long, unbranded domain names, limited customization, limited plugins, restricted advertising & monetization etc.) and they don’t give your website a professional look. On the other hand, having a self-hosted website gives you the full control over it and it’s really your own.

We recommend you use Hostgator for hosting your website. We’ve been using it for years now. We love the fact that they are a Green Hosting company! Very affordable, easy to use, offer simple WordPress install and exceptional customer service.

We even secured a special discount for you! Use the coupon code “HBHOtophosting” and it will instantly knock 25% off your purchase! Moreover, if you order through our link below we will set up your WordPress website for you. Learn more …

Order Your Hosting Here or by clicking on the image below:

B. You Need To Start Building A List

You probably heard it before: “The money is in the list!”. Well, IT’S TRUE!

Your list is your real online asset that will bring in the big money. It’s always easier to sell again and again to your loyal customers that you treat well than find new ones. That’s why we believe it is important that you start building your (potential) customer list right from the beginning. You will need a tool called autoresponder for that.

AWeber is our favorite autoresponder that does it’s job brilliantly. We’ve been using it since our beginning. They even offer a free trial so you can try out their tool risk-free. Go ahead and sign up by using the link below (it will open in a new window) and then come back for our guide Aweber Magic – 9 Easy Steps To Mastering AWeber.

Click Here To Try Aweber Risk-Free or click on the image below:

I Heart AWeber.com


A. You Need To Choose A Topic

When choosing a topic there is one essential tip you need to follow:

“Find a need or a problem with high demand in a niche where people are willing to spend the money in order to meet their need of fix their problem.”

By the words of famous Eben Pagan, you must satisfy three vital criteria when looking for a target market to sell to:

  1. People must be experiencing some kind of pain or irrational passion for the subject.
  2. People must be actively searching for solutions.
  3. There must be very few perceived options they can go to solve the problem.

Taking above into consideration, identify a topic that you feel comfortable with:

  • something you personally are well-educated about and you feel positive that you can add value to the Internet and help people with
  • what are the things you love to do on a regular (preferably daily) basis
  • what is it that people in that market really need or want and will spend money on.

Basic Topic Research:

One way to find popular topics is going through Amazon.com bestsellers in different categories. You can also expand your research to ClickBank.com or eBay.com and search for popular items there.

Amazon Hot Topics

Once you have found a promising topic, take the main keyword for it and type it into a free Google Keyword Planner tool. You need a free Google AdWords account to use it.

Look for keywords/keyword phrases with search volume of at least 3,000 monthly searches (choose the “Keyword ideas” tab). It will give you an idea of the demand in that market.

Google Keyword Planner Research

Then take that keyword phrase and type it into Google Search engine. When starting out you don’t want to go after the keywords with high competition. Ranking in Google for very competitive keywords is hard and can take a long time. We want you to see the results as quickly as possible, so look for the keyword phrases that have less than 50,000 competing websites for the same EXACT phrase.

Google Competition Research

That’s it! Now, you have the grounds to set up your website and create some quality topic related content.


B. You Need To Buy A Domain Name & Set Up A Website

Now that you have chosen your topic you are ready to set up your first website. For this step you will need:

  1. A Domain name – in order for people to find your website you need a domain name. Take it as your virtual home address. We recommend using Namecheap for registering your domain. They have one of the most affordable prices and they run additional discounts every month.

  2. A Hosting account for your website – this is your virtual real estate, a place where your website will be hosted. If you already signed up for one in “Step 1″, you can skip this part. Otherwise, go get your hosting account with Hostgator and use our special “HBHOtophosting” coupon to get an instant 25% discount.

  3. A content management systemWordPress is our favorite, it’s easy to use and very customizable. You can easily install it with a 1-click install within your Hostgator control panel or you can have us do it for you. Click here to learn more.


The quality of content on your website will determine whether your visitors will return or not. You need to create the content they will find valuable and will want to come back for more. The more versatile (text, audio, video) the better.

Through this content you will then be able to promote affiliate products or even better – sell your own.

What you need to do in this step is:

  • Create valuable and search engine optimized (SEO) content and post it to your WordPress website over period of time
  • Create some kind of giveaway (free e-course, eBook, etc.) to encourage your website visitors to join your email list

In order to stay in Google’s good graces and rank high for chosen keywords on Google search pages (so people can find your website), the content also needs to be SEO optimized. There’s a lot to SEO, but it’s not hard to pick up if you approach it the right way.

To learn the ins and outs of SEO and to make sure your website is Google Panda (or whichever animal comes next) proof, we recommend you invest in Lisa Parmley’s SEO Training. She is a real master of it. And if you’re interested in building an authority website in the niche of your interest, you’ll also get an excellent Authority Site Model training for the same price.

You can write the content for your website yourself or outsource it on freelancer.com, elance.com, guru.com, iwriter.com and similar if creating the content is challenging for you. If you only need a little push or guidance to do it yourself, Jimmy D. Brown’s Contentaire is an excellent source to get you started. It includes a complete set of tutorials, tools and templates which makes your writing easier, faster and better than ever before (blog posts, articles, short reports, ebooks, kindle books, book “blurbs”, video scripts, newsletters, solo emails, autoresponder series emails, press releases, sales letters, landing pages, advertisements, forum posts, social media posts and joint venture proposals).


Website traffic is the blood of your online business. It won’t matter how much value you put out and you won’t make a cent out of it if no one comes to your website or knows about it.

SEO is one aspect of getting traffic to your website. That’s why it is important that you learn at least the basics of it. It’s starts with proper keyword research! But we recommend you to not keep all of your eggs in one basket (Google’s basket that is).

Social media, article marketing, forums and blog commenting are only a few more free traffic sources you can explore. And if you have money to invest in your online business Google AdWords (see Lisa Parmley Training above), Facebook advertising, solo ads and other media buys are something to consider, too.

One of our favorite and best resources to learn about getting free high-quality traffic to your website (that converts into sales) is definitely Dennis Becker’s FREE Quality Traffic guide.


Now that you’ve got the system in place, test it and tweak it until it gives you the best results. Remember, it can take a while for your online business to take off. Nurture it for at least 6 months before deciding if you should continue or give up on it. And when you find that winning formula, just rinse and repeat.


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