It’s Not the End of the World …

Posted on by Janja Baćac

Collect moments not things Collect moments not things

…when you get diagnosed with breast tumor…several of them to be precise…for the second time in your life…at the age of 32…and on top of several other health challenges that have been handicapping your life for the past 4 years. It really isn’t. :)

Monster in a Closet

It happened 2 years ago and it took me over a year and a half after that to realize it’s time for me to really take back the charge of my life, not only in theory, but mostly in real life as well.

Starting Your Day Off on the Right Foot

Posted on by Janja Baćac

Starting Your Day Off on the Right Foot Starting Your Day Off on the Right Foot

Not everyone gets out of bed in the morning easily and in a good mood. Some can bounce out of bed eagerly anticipating the day and will talk your ear off if there’s anyone to listen. Others groggily stagger out of bed reluctantly and you better not speak to them or they’ll bite your head off.

Is Perfectionism a Blessing or a Curse?

Posted on by Janja Baćac

Perfectionism Can Be a Blessing or a Curse Perfectionism Can Be a Blessing or a Curse

It doesn’t get any better than perfect, right? If a project or task is done perfectly then it’s the most we could hope for. Perfection is what we all should strive for whether we’re working for ourselves or someone else. Employers always seek employees who make every effort to get it perfect. Is this how you think?


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